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Long night, short post…

Brisk evening at work but Alora’s been running at the nose and sneezing all day so I have sneaking suspicion I’ll have a house guest tomorrow!  The good news is she’s only missing a half day and Grandpa is going to be coming to visit!

Lot’s of food and little love tonight it seems.  Tomorrow I’ll be moving more of our XP files over to our Win7 computer via thumbdrive (the fun never ends) and probably be installing our printer/scanner on the new machine as well.  If the rain can hold off I’ll be going for a walk in the AM as part of my ‘Live past 40’ plan.

I have a Zune (kind of a Microsoft Ipod) and I love it.  In the car, on the hoof, and sitting at a desk.  It’s like the best radio station ever but with no interruptions!  Haven’t started a new book yet but will soon.  This has been the first year since I became a father that I can read a book and retain what I just read!  Yeah!  Does that mean I’m getting less stupider?

Also filled in the ‘About’ page with links to my social networking sites and tried to figure out how to change that generic RSS Message Feed blurb, but no luck on that point.

Good night and I’ll post something again tomorrow.


A beautiful day.

Got the kids off to school this morning, only to find out they have a new bus driver. Here’s hoping that Viktor can cope with the change.

Went for a walk and a bus ride myself since the sun was shining and I was feeling pretty good. By the time I got home there was a message on our answering machine from the school. Seems Viktor was not feeling to well and needed to come home so I went and picked him up. While I was there I saw this…

Alora's handprints

Showing both quilts

I thought it was a cool idea to have an entire programs children do a project like this, kinda like a tattoo just not so permanent.

And Viktor was fine and jumpy. Always jumping.