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Tuesday Brewsday!

A picture sometimes says it all.

What a great day here in the GNW (Great NorthWest)!  Low seventies and sunshine all day picked up some New York strip steaks and baking potatoes.  Add a drink that is very similar to the one pictured above (I think they were brothers) and you have one of my favorite activities.  BBQ!  Something about meat and fire outside that just makes me smile.

Alora did indeed stay home on Monday AND today (one of the myriad reasons for skipping my post yesterday).  But Viktor’s hanging tough and making the bus to school in the morning.  I have got my editing skills up into a higher gear.  I took that picure above about 2 minutes ago and then ran it through my textifying programme and, voila, instant graphic!

When we moved to Olympia around 2 years ago we had to change phone numbers and when we did it we were not asked if we wanted to be unlisted.  Oh hell do I hate telemarketers, surveys (political and otherwise), fundraisers (how many pledges does rudeness get anyhow?) and scammers.  I frequently use www.whocalled.us to find out what these out of state numbers and 1 8xx numbers are and who they are originating from.  Right now I have one calling to verify some information on a check that I wrote.  Really strange considering all my checks for the last 4 years are accounted for and have all cleared for at least as long.  Somehow I smell a phishing scam.  I just recently had to change my credit card number and account because (either by skimmer or number generation) someone was charging SKYPE charges to the card.  That was a huge pain in the rear since I had to update a number of merchant accounts I have (Netflix etc.) on rotating monthly charges.  The card issuer was totally helpful and thank goodness I caught it before whoever came accross my number found out it was valid and went wild!

Well I think I’m gonna go play some Samurai Shodown and wait for the new episode of LOST tonight, I hope it’s as good as last weeks!


Just got in the door from work and it was the epitomy of ‘meh’.  No tumbleweeds but I wasn’t breaking a sweat either.  Made some cash and had some fun.  Food was good (as it always is) and peoples barometers were pleasant but just not enough of them coming in.

One of my coworkers compadres recommended a movie called ’44 Inch Chest’ to me tonight and I think I’ll check it out soon.  Listening to Cage the Elephant right about now, heard ’em on the radio and during the beginning of Borderlands and had to have the album, it’s almost folk rock and hip hop.  I like it.

MunkyNutz called today and we chatted about a number of things including, and not limited to, Alpha Protocol, Obsidian Entertainment, facepunching, pre and post Joey Anthrax, bigger in Texas and professional gaming.  Also Greedy McNasty.  Plus Vegas.  The Hangover is such an amusing film that we both watch it frequently but the only question I’ve not seen answered is ‘Where the Hell did the chickens come from?’.  If you have the answer please feel free to pass it along.

Here is a link: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/four-bright-screwattack/62941 .  Please watch it as it is awesome.

That is all Geritol.  See you soon!