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Has it really been since the LOST finale since I’ve posted?  Kinda rhetorical when I know that answer is YES!  My apologies right NOW…  This is gonna be kinda Stream O Conciousness since it’s late and I’ve been imbibing.

Trying to find a new place to exist.  Finally rolled Snake Eyes on neighbors here at our current abode.  Trust me, if it’s bad enough for ME to move then it’s way past ‘Normal Human Tolerance Level’!  2 more weeks o’ school for the kiddos.  Viktor has a new teacher next year and Alora is already onto the 2nd grade.  My the time does fly.  Alora has at least 3 more field trips before the end of the school year and she can’t wait for a single one of them.

I miss my pals.  Munkynutz here for a half a week was definately not long enough and John having a 7 to 4 ‘er when I don’t is, like, teasing me or something!  Jess was here and it was just like 15 years ago with the book readings, video watchings and game playings.  Good times indeed!  Vodka C*ck did rock it up on Memorial Day weekend though, that was fun times!

I liked the end of LOST…  of course I didn’t spend 6 years of my life following and dissecting the show.  I caught up via Netflix this spring while I folded laundry.  It rang true for me and originally I thought it was a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ kinda deal.  After realizing that the last shot was a lingering Oceanic wreckage deal tacked on by ABC (and not of any significance, storywise) I’m even MORE O.K. with the finale!

Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 1 are down in the books for me.  Playing Assassin’s Creed 2 currently (soon as it’s done it’s Mass Effect 2) and hooked Munky on Trials HD for XboxLive.  Just ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

The only cooking I been doing is some BBQ chickens.  Made some ribs when the ‘Nutz was here but we ate at establishments more than we ate here.  But them Ribs Was GOOD!  Grillin’ the Chickenz this week along with a coupla New Yaaks!  God I hope we get this new place.

L8r G8rz

Lost ending tonight on ABC which I can’t watch because I’m working.  Boo!  If you’re a fan of the show and bad jokes you’ll love these:

I'd throw 'em down the well too!

This, again, captures my feeling precisely!

Gollee, is that some CSI in my Lost?

Hey there everybody!

Man have we had some good times these last 10 days!  By us I mean the whole fam.  Munkynutz came to town for a job in Auburn WA and took a few full days to live it up like old times here in the household.  Made some really nice pork ribs (apple wood and mesquite) while Jesse was here and a steak salad with red pepper vin.!

Visited the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (and hall of fame) with my brother of another mother.  Pics are available on our Farcebook pages.  Also spent a lot of time with the kiddos (Lacey fun fair, frisbee in the park and various other tendon damaging activities) Jess also took us to the Outback Steakhouse and it turns out Viktor likes the Bloomin’ Onion like a mutha!  But what we did the most was hang out ‘Old School’.  Vidya games, Vodka, PuroResu and musics!  It was a hot time in the old towne for many nights!

I’m kinda pissed.  Lost wraps up tomorrow night and I’ve gotta work like a dumbass.  Good news.  Hell’s Kitchen starts on June 1 this year.  Ramsay is AWESOME sauce!  Can’t wait.  Deadliest Catch has been pimp as hell this year too!

I hate my neighbors.  That is all!

L8 says N8!

This woulda been, like, 100X better...

Good times, good times.  Munkynutz came a callin’ on Wednesday which also happens to be Viktors birthday and spent an evening with us.  Quite the treat for us as we haven’t seen him in person for 6 years.  He brought the birthday boy a Sheriff Woody pull string doll and a noisy book.  Damn was he disappointed when he found out that noisy toys don’t phase me anymore!  Viktor also scored a Razor Scooter (and brainbucket) along with a shootin’ hoops game and fluff from my dad!

The kids had a blast.  Jess should be coming back next weekend to hang for the whole weekend with us.  That is gonna be hella good!  Also I got beaten at Street Fighter 4 by Mr. Nutz.  He beat me 4 times and is bragging it up over at the facebook.  What he neglects to mention is that i whupped him the other 12 times.  Sins of omission.  I guess that’s better than nocturnal emiss…  er, nevermind.

Rewatched ‘The People Under the Stairs’ since my last post (my recommendation is don’t bother) and I just watched ‘The Hitcher’ today and I do recommend watching that again!  Jennifer Jason Leigh was/is so hot.  It also stars Rutger Hauer before he became a running joke and even a hell of a performance by C. Thomas Howell.  Probly his best IMHO.  Or at least better than ‘Soul Man’.

At least LOST wasn’t a rerun this week and some serious things went down on/around the island.  I don’t wanna spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but if you haven’t then you MUST!  Also devoured Seasons 1,2 and 3 of Arrested Development (FOX TV) within the last 2 weeks.  It was sublime and should NOT be missed.  It truly does have something for everyone.  ‘cept stupid people.  Even then they prolly wouldn’t notice.  Now I’m back to watching FRINGE.  Boy that is some good TV too!

Long night, short post so I’ll just leave this with you…

Yin Yang Much?

Bless you Bless you INDEED!

Where to start?

As I had mentioned previously here, there are number of super cool things on the immediate horizon for us as a family.

But previously… in my life.  Alora and Lara went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo with Alora’s class last week.  Pretty sure it’s the first field trip or class activity that Lara has participated in this year ( I got to do the GingerBread house project and the car wash as well ) the whole class had a blast and they came home super hype.  Alora spent her time running away from the sharks and feeding the goats.  Also tonight LOST is a rerun.  How the hell does that work?  Making up for it by watching me some Season 1 Fringe while I type this.  Getting good!

New in this episode at the Casa del Putnam!  MunkyNutz is coming to town!  Whoo0!  Haven’t seen my man Jess in person for around six years but he coming to the Great Northwest on work and is gonna spend a weekend with the fam and myself in May.  SuperHype Yeah Boi!  Here’s the kinda guy MN is…  he found out that Super Street Fighter 4 dropped today and he went to pick up a copy just so he could get spanked by yours truly.  Also I grokked that he was starting out in BorderLands tonight and I can’t wait to coop some of THAT with my man Nutz.  Well not like that you know!

Also in the immediate future, my mom is coming to visit us for a week or so at the end of June (right after school lets out).  She’ll be meeting her grandchildren in person for the first time and my wife too, come to think of it.  Lara’s already planning State Park days and a trip to the Pacific Ocean.  I’m sure there will be plenty to do.

The van is working out splendidly so far and isn’t too terrible on MPG (miles per gallon) so I’m happy so far.  Put my OLD ASS XPLOD stereo in it.  Gots me some tunes.

Also concerning musics.  I’m going to the ‘RockStar Metal Mayhem Festival’ at White River Ampitheater with a fella named Steve who is a Midwest transplant (such as myself).  He’s the nephew of an architect I know who was raised in Michigan and frequents TSRL (where I work).  Actually Corey (Steve’s uncle) helped design the Grand Traverse Mall!  Anyhow… KORN, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God and other metal goodies await my attendance!  Sweet!

Enough rambling for now just wanted put something out there…  Gamertag – UtraViolent N8 …  Super Street Fighter 4 ya’ll!


Schindler's Lift

Happy Friday Night!

BBQ fell through and I had to crisp up those tasty chicken and pigs myself.  Mesquite and flamage equal tasty dinners for the family!

Lots of cool stuff the last 2 weeks so I’ll just start with last weeks carwash that Alora and her classmates held to raise funds for a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.  I stopped by and paid $15 to get 3/5ths of my van washed (kind of) as well as joining in to wash cars for about an hour.  Oh yeah and get pictures, here are a few:

Alora earns a trip to the zoo

Along with her classmates!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of ME washing cars because noone else had brought any cameras.  The pictures I use for this blog are taken with my cell camera but I think they work to get the moment across and I also don’t have to worry wrecking a more expensive digital camera.

Also Peggy M. has gotten me hooked on:

Is this the NEW X-Files? We'll see...

I’m still in season One but it gives me something to watch between episodes of LOST this season.  MunkyNutz keeps going on about Leverage so maybe afterward I’ll check it out.  Super Street Fighter 4 comes out Tuesday that’ll be fun!

Later Gator.

Long live the old school!

Not a lot to post tonight.  Our new downstair neighbors suck hard!  Big surprise!  2 days and Lara’s already looking for new abodes!

Listening to music tonight and cocktailing!  Have some humorous pictures for a future post but not quite yet…  Kids went back to school today and they were happy and we were happy.  Lara and I went to lunch and ran errands and conversed.  Kinda like real Human Beans!

Rollins Band just came up on my JukeBoxeZ!  Nice.  Today was Friday for me and I couldn’t be happier!  My normal cook went to opening day at Safeco Field today.  She’s a huge Mariners Head.  I think we’re going to a game in August (as a fam) this year.  Last year we went to a ball game on the HOTTEST DAY EVER in Washington state.  It was Awesome!

Tomorrow equals LOST!  Whooo.


Finally found a Van!

I have been spending a lot of time searching for used vehicles on Craigslist and doing the eyeballing of vehicles with signs in them.  With my mother coming out this summer for a week, I really wanted a vehicle big enough for 5.  Friday I saw a listing for a ’88 Voyager and jotted it down, then I proceeded to work all weekend as per the usual.  I honestly figured if the vehicle was any good it’d be gone by the time I got to look at/drive it.

I guess with everyones monthly bill obligations and the TOWERING DEMAND (that’s sarcasm) for minivans I lucked out.  So today I Officially retire ‘DeerKiller’ and start tooling around in ‘Brown Betty’.  The interior is primo and there’s a hole where my radio will go, it seems to have a wiring issue or two but I’ve already ordered the Haynes Repair Guide so that I can work those out at my leisure.  Tires have some meat on ’em but it goes straight, turns, stops and starts quick!  I’m super stoked and I got it for $150 less than it was advertised for last Friday!  A certain segment of my friends will know that that’s my favorite part!

No pics tonight…  Too Dark.  Will edit this with pics tomorrow.  Kids are doing well and are on Easter Break next week.  We looked at a house on Monday.  It was on an acre in a development with amenities but the freeway access was 10-12 minutes away.  The bus ride for the kids would be over an hour and if you count our commutes it would add a total of an hour a day.  Not to mention that many more miles on the vehicles.  Too bad it looked nice and I can’t really say I’m passionate about apartments but it just didn’t seem like a good fit.  Bummer.

Watched LOST last night and thought that it was a pretty good episode.  Can’t wait for next weeks!

I’ve been getting out and visiting friends and having company over as well so I’ve been busier than in a while.  So the blog’s still active but I think daily is a bit much ’cause, honestly, how much super cool stuff happens in a normal day for a normal person?  So when I have a collection of things to say, relay or rant about I’ll make sure and do one of these.  I’ll also post to FB and TWTR that there is a new entry.

Take ‘er easy and if she is take her again!

Tuesday Brewsday!

A picture sometimes says it all.

What a great day here in the GNW (Great NorthWest)!  Low seventies and sunshine all day picked up some New York strip steaks and baking potatoes.  Add a drink that is very similar to the one pictured above (I think they were brothers) and you have one of my favorite activities.  BBQ!  Something about meat and fire outside that just makes me smile.

Alora did indeed stay home on Monday AND today (one of the myriad reasons for skipping my post yesterday).  But Viktor’s hanging tough and making the bus to school in the morning.  I have got my editing skills up into a higher gear.  I took that picure above about 2 minutes ago and then ran it through my textifying programme and, voila, instant graphic!

When we moved to Olympia around 2 years ago we had to change phone numbers and when we did it we were not asked if we wanted to be unlisted.  Oh hell do I hate telemarketers, surveys (political and otherwise), fundraisers (how many pledges does rudeness get anyhow?) and scammers.  I frequently use www.whocalled.us to find out what these out of state numbers and 1 8xx numbers are and who they are originating from.  Right now I have one calling to verify some information on a check that I wrote.  Really strange considering all my checks for the last 4 years are accounted for and have all cleared for at least as long.  Somehow I smell a phishing scam.  I just recently had to change my credit card number and account because (either by skimmer or number generation) someone was charging SKYPE charges to the card.  That was a huge pain in the rear since I had to update a number of merchant accounts I have (Netflix etc.) on rotating monthly charges.  The card issuer was totally helpful and thank goodness I caught it before whoever came accross my number found out it was valid and went wild!

Well I think I’m gonna go play some Samurai Shodown and wait for the new episode of LOST tonight, I hope it’s as good as last weeks!