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Another day, another pic…

Had a nice quiet morning after gettin the kids on the bus.  Watched a coupla movies, neither worth commenting on, and scrubbed some dishes and washed the whites.  Awesome weather we’ve been having here led to me taking Alora out to get more practice on her scooter.  Someone helped her up and she helped them up.  Good social interaction I think.  We had tacos for dinner since neither Lara or myself were in the mood for a long and involved dinner time strategy.  Kiddos loved it!  Alora played some Mini Golf on the Wii and Viktor jumped… and jumped.

This shelf is worth more than most of my paychecks

The reason why (in case you AREN’T a gamer) are the Sega Saturn games.  Honestly, this is just a cool shot of my bamboo plant and collectible games.  MunkyNutz and I agree, if you are a gamer you HAVE to play Fallout 3.  Actually I still haven’t finished all the additional content and am waiting for the right time to do so!

Tomorrow Vik and I get to hang out for most of the day.  It should be good times!  April 27th = Greedy and me getting it on with Super Street Fighter 4!  Can’t wait!

Good night and good health.


A beautiful day.

Got the kids off to school this morning, only to find out they have a new bus driver. Here’s hoping that Viktor can cope with the change.

Went for a walk and a bus ride myself since the sun was shining and I was feeling pretty good. By the time I got home there was a message on our answering machine from the school. Seems Viktor was not feeling to well and needed to come home so I went and picked him up. While I was there I saw this…

Alora's handprints

Showing both quilts

I thought it was a cool idea to have an entire programs children do a project like this, kinda like a tattoo just not so permanent.

And Viktor was fine and jumpy. Always jumping.