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Lara made some supernice manicotti a coupla days ago.  Leftover Italian goodies?  Da Bomb!  The kids have been good and helping me with the spring cleaning.  Huh, spring.  Sunshine and hail today.  Overnight in the low or sub 30’s.  It is April right?  My back sure hates weather like this.

ONE more episode of Fringe season 2 to go.  It’s weird but cool I hope it doesn’t fall off season 3 as bad as I’ve heard.  Next up I’m gonna sample Rome (HBO) and see if it’s worth persuing.  Took some Vidz of my kiddos playing Samurai Shodown 2 tonight, I’ll see what it’ll take to post it up here or Farcebook.  I’s a proud poppa!

Anyone who may be down with a First playthrough on Borderlands (360) level 25ish then I’ll be on with a friend Friday late and Saturday late too it looks like.  I’m gonna be playing a soldier and John’s a hunter.  If you need my GamerTag drop me a note!  Always good to catch up with bros while busting caps (Virtual Style).

There are a coupla sites I think are very interesting if you like video games and movies:

www.hardcoregaming101.net  for some in depth and unique views on games.

www.outlawvern.com for one of the best film writers alive today (or yesterday and most likely tomorrow)!

Not much else tonight just throwing content against this here wallpaper.  ‘Til next time folks!

No pictures today.

Viktor stayed home and chilled with me today and Alora hid behind a tree when the kids were going in from recess causing her bottom to be immersed in the proverbial ‘Hot Water’.  She didn’t want to go back in.  She lost her other recess for the day.  Rainy and windy here today so no playing on the scooter or running around outside.  The kids were in good spirits though, so it was nice.

Ran down south to visit the John G. and played some games (DJ Hero and Rock Band) chatted and watched some tube.  I told him about this site http://arcade.hofle.com/ , it’s an arcade ambience piece for your ears.  Playing MAME and want to feel like there are dirty carpets and drug dealers in the corner?  Then put one of these on you music player while you play Donkey Kong or Asteroids and you’ll feel like you just stepped into the past!

Friday tomorrow so back to work with me.  I hope you all have a great weekend and are enjoying spring!