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No pictures today.

Viktor stayed home and chilled with me today and Alora hid behind a tree when the kids were going in from recess causing her bottom to be immersed in the proverbial ‘Hot Water’.  She didn’t want to go back in.  She lost her other recess for the day.  Rainy and windy here today so no playing on the scooter or running around outside.  The kids were in good spirits though, so it was nice.

Ran down south to visit the John G. and played some games (DJ Hero and Rock Band) chatted and watched some tube.  I told him about this site http://arcade.hofle.com/ , it’s an arcade ambience piece for your ears.  Playing MAME and want to feel like there are dirty carpets and drug dealers in the corner?  Then put one of these on you music player while you play Donkey Kong or Asteroids and you’ll feel like you just stepped into the past!

Friday tomorrow so back to work with me.  I hope you all have a great weekend and are enjoying spring!


Well Geocities closed down and deleted all their (mine) content over last summer so my domain name has been languishing in broken hell.  So I saw that WordPress was good enough for vern ( www.outlawvern.com ) so I figure I’ll give it a whirl too!

Playing Mass Effect (1) and just got DJ Hero in the mail today (the kids love it).

Listening to the new Gorillaz and Cage the Elephant as well as the ol’ standbys!  Hoping to visit with my local friends soon and hearing a lotta chatter from the monkeynutz lately.  I rather enjoy our little chats.

Don’t bother reading/buying the Sixth Hitchhikers book.  No really Trust me On this One!  Also on the reading tip…  Why can’t Stephen King write a decent ending anymore?  I’m not gonna spoil Under the Dome for you but if you like the book at all then stop at least a hundred pages from the end and make up your own conclusion.   It’ll have to be at least twice as good as the real resolution.  And this coming from a King fan!

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