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World Autism Awareness Day!

Today was World Autism Awareness Day.  If you didn’t know my 5 year old son, Viktor, is autistic.  He told me “I love you” for the first time today.  Most everyone has an autistic relative.  It is the most rapidly growing affliction in new humans that there is.  It’s prevailent and there is no ‘Patient Zero’.  It just is.

Haven’t gotten pics of my new Hooptie yet (raining and winding something fierce) but will soon.  Just thought you should see this… http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?Contra_1017 !

Seriously, as good as I was at the Nintendo and JJ and JM and JY and LM were either this is an eye opener.  Yeah, it might be a tool assisted run and obviously uses Save States and Emulation but even though…  If someone you knew could run through this like this you’d be trippin’ hard!

Check it out and maybe some mores.  L8


Finally found a Van!

I have been spending a lot of time searching for used vehicles on Craigslist and doing the eyeballing of vehicles with signs in them.  With my mother coming out this summer for a week, I really wanted a vehicle big enough for 5.  Friday I saw a listing for a ’88 Voyager and jotted it down, then I proceeded to work all weekend as per the usual.  I honestly figured if the vehicle was any good it’d be gone by the time I got to look at/drive it.

I guess with everyones monthly bill obligations and the TOWERING DEMAND (that’s sarcasm) for minivans I lucked out.  So today I Officially retire ‘DeerKiller’ and start tooling around in ‘Brown Betty’.  The interior is primo and there’s a hole where my radio will go, it seems to have a wiring issue or two but I’ve already ordered the Haynes Repair Guide so that I can work those out at my leisure.  Tires have some meat on ’em but it goes straight, turns, stops and starts quick!  I’m super stoked and I got it for $150 less than it was advertised for last Friday!  A certain segment of my friends will know that that’s my favorite part!

No pics tonight…  Too Dark.  Will edit this with pics tomorrow.  Kids are doing well and are on Easter Break next week.  We looked at a house on Monday.  It was on an acre in a development with amenities but the freeway access was 10-12 minutes away.  The bus ride for the kids would be over an hour and if you count our commutes it would add a total of an hour a day.  Not to mention that many more miles on the vehicles.  Too bad it looked nice and I can’t really say I’m passionate about apartments but it just didn’t seem like a good fit.  Bummer.

Watched LOST last night and thought that it was a pretty good episode.  Can’t wait for next weeks!

I’ve been getting out and visiting friends and having company over as well so I’ve been busier than in a while.  So the blog’s still active but I think daily is a bit much ’cause, honestly, how much super cool stuff happens in a normal day for a normal person?  So when I have a collection of things to say, relay or rant about I’ll make sure and do one of these.  I’ll also post to FB and TWTR that there is a new entry.

Take ‘er easy and if she is take her again!

Well Geocities closed down and deleted all their (mine) content over last summer so my domain name has been languishing in broken hell.  So I saw that WordPress was good enough for vern ( www.outlawvern.com ) so I figure I’ll give it a whirl too!

Playing Mass Effect (1) and just got DJ Hero in the mail today (the kids love it).

Listening to the new Gorillaz and Cage the Elephant as well as the ol’ standbys!  Hoping to visit with my local friends soon and hearing a lotta chatter from the monkeynutz lately.  I rather enjoy our little chats.

Don’t bother reading/buying the Sixth Hitchhikers book.  No really Trust me On this One!  Also on the reading tip…  Why can’t Stephen King write a decent ending anymore?  I’m not gonna spoil Under the Dome for you but if you like the book at all then stop at least a hundred pages from the end and make up your own conclusion.   It’ll have to be at least twice as good as the real resolution.  And this coming from a King fan!

L8r T8rs