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Your Friday is My MONDAY!

Had a relaxing morning (snooze and news). The kiddos had a half day today and have half days all next week for parent teacher conferences. I like Alora’s teacher quite a bit, she seems to genuinely invest in the children she interacts with, is a new mother and doesn’t look down her nose at you. Always a quality I find endearing.

On the topic of my title for this post. Yes, your Friday is my Monday. I work as a waiter at a restaurant and if you’re worth anything in that capacity you are guaranteed to be working Friday and Saturday. As I close (work the dinner shift), I work Fri through Mon/Tues. I don’t mind when the pace is brisk but there are many a Saturday evening when the tumbleweeds blow through that I wonder to myself why I’m at work when everyone else is having fun.

The logo of the establishment I am employed by.

I like the crew that I work with on a regular basis and it’s comfort food combined with local and packaged seafood. The last coupla weeks have treated me well as a server and I don’t loathe going to work. I think I have it pretty good in that respect.

It’s just that I am working when anyone I know is having a good time or get together. Such is life I suppose.

Speaking of life, I recommend that you don’t waste any of yours on the 6th book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I adore the previous books (penned by the deceased and profoundly missed Douglas Adams) as they tend to harken back to my childhood love of Monty Python, Doctor Who and all things scifi! This book is penned by a fellow (British, hence the fellow) that has only dabbled in ‘tween’ books previously, Artemis Fowl or some such nonsense. This Eoin Colfer guy comes into this installment of the HGTTG (acronym for the Hitchhiker books as no one likes to type out the full title more than once) with something to prove. What he proves (unfortunately) is that he is not doing his best to stay true to Adams vision, he merely has a chip on his shoulder about being known as a children’s author. Now I don’t remember how many times there were guide asides in the original works but I remember them being either woven into the narrative or being few and far between. This Colfer fellow has BOXOUTS for EVERY guide entry and they happen on nearly an every page basis (or at least it felt that way). Also I don’t remember the earlier books being foulmouthed or vulgar, Colfer obviously wants us to know this is NOT a childrens book (the jacket sleeve reminds us that this is his first novel {pfffft} for ADULTS) by constantly having characters curse. Now I haven’t become an old prude, in fact I enjoy some creative profanity fairly frequently, but this has NO place in a book that is supposedly carrying on the spirit of the original works. Oh and the story sucks too.

Also on the topic of this blog. I have not become a narcissist or an ‘I’m the only thing that matters and people care about what I do and think’ kinda dude. I’m merely replacing ViolentN8.com with this, which I frankly will probably keep up to date more, and trying to hone up my ‘net skills, typing and whatnot. I don’t really expect anyone to care what I had for lunch but I’ve been feeling kinda disconnected from the world lately and so this wordpress deal can help tie my Fbook, MySpace, Twitter and general media knowledgery together.

Plus this is easier to publish my cell phone photos too!


Well Geocities closed down and deleted all their (mine) content over last summer so my domain name has been languishing in broken hell.  So I saw that WordPress was good enough for vern ( www.outlawvern.com ) so I figure I’ll give it a whirl too!

Playing Mass Effect (1) and just got DJ Hero in the mail today (the kids love it).

Listening to the new Gorillaz and Cage the Elephant as well as the ol’ standbys!  Hoping to visit with my local friends soon and hearing a lotta chatter from the monkeynutz lately.  I rather enjoy our little chats.

Don’t bother reading/buying the Sixth Hitchhikers book.  No really Trust me On this One!  Also on the reading tip…  Why can’t Stephen King write a decent ending anymore?  I’m not gonna spoil Under the Dome for you but if you like the book at all then stop at least a hundred pages from the end and make up your own conclusion.   It’ll have to be at least twice as good as the real resolution.  And this coming from a King fan!

L8r T8rs