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Has it really been since the LOST finale since I’ve posted?  Kinda rhetorical when I know that answer is YES!  My apologies right NOW…  This is gonna be kinda Stream O Conciousness since it’s late and I’ve been imbibing.

Trying to find a new place to exist.  Finally rolled Snake Eyes on neighbors here at our current abode.  Trust me, if it’s bad enough for ME to move then it’s way past ‘Normal Human Tolerance Level’!  2 more weeks o’ school for the kiddos.  Viktor has a new teacher next year and Alora is already onto the 2nd grade.  My the time does fly.  Alora has at least 3 more field trips before the end of the school year and she can’t wait for a single one of them.

I miss my pals.  Munkynutz here for a half a week was definately not long enough and John having a 7 to 4 ‘er when I don’t is, like, teasing me or something!  Jess was here and it was just like 15 years ago with the book readings, video watchings and game playings.  Good times indeed!  Vodka C*ck did rock it up on Memorial Day weekend though, that was fun times!

I liked the end of LOST…  of course I didn’t spend 6 years of my life following and dissecting the show.  I caught up via Netflix this spring while I folded laundry.  It rang true for me and originally I thought it was a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ kinda deal.  After realizing that the last shot was a lingering Oceanic wreckage deal tacked on by ABC (and not of any significance, storywise) I’m even MORE O.K. with the finale!

Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 1 are down in the books for me.  Playing Assassin’s Creed 2 currently (soon as it’s done it’s Mass Effect 2) and hooked Munky on Trials HD for XboxLive.  Just ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

The only cooking I been doing is some BBQ chickens.  Made some ribs when the ‘Nutz was here but we ate at establishments more than we ate here.  But them Ribs Was GOOD!  Grillin’ the Chickenz this week along with a coupla New Yaaks!  God I hope we get this new place.

L8r G8rz

Did a bunch of household things today and got my moms airline tickets taken care of for June.

Also I did some of the ol’ cooking:

Yesterday it was ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at Aloras insistence.  Trust me, they taste better than they sound…

A little food coloring and Viola!

Today I got to use some of my knives and made some good old homemade split pea soup:



Plus This...


Equals one hearty soup!

Amazing how putting some ham, peas, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, butter and salt and pepper in hot water can create a soup that even my daughter loves!

For Easter I made a holiday dinner consisting of a Scored and Clove Studded Ham with a balsemic dijon glaze, herb roasted red potatoes and a suprisingly good ‘Chablis stuffing’ (hey I didn’t have and chicken stock handy!).  Everyone loved it (even my dad) but I forgot to picturize it before it got gone!

P.S. Only three more days until school resumes. Fortune doth smile upon me.