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So when would be the best time to get an air conditioner you ask?  Well how about ordering it today for delivery next week?  Yeah I think that’ll work just fine.  Should only need it a couple of weeks during the summer but I’m hoping it’ll be worth every penny.  Our living room picture window faces south and is in the sun ALL day.  Very pretty.  Also very uncomfortable when the daily temperature exceeds 80 degrees or so.  Enter our new pride and joy ‘The Air Conditioning Unit’!

I know…  what a dork.  I can’t help it though I’m just glad that evenings will be a little bit cooler in July (it helps with the attitudinalness).  Finally found a newish dining room set.  Really nice hardwood table and chairs.  That means easy cleanup from Viktor and Alora (they can eat like buzzsaws, I swear) and since it’s not BRAND SPANKING NEW it doesn’t matter if it gets a scuff or dent or whatever.  The chairs have some really nice scrollwork on the backs and are sturdy as heck.

Also we bought dirt yesterday.  Yes, I, the man who manages to stretch dimes into dollars bought dirt.  At least it was 50% off!!  HAHA!  Lara and Alora picked out a bunch of flowers for some hanging baskets and planters for our porch and I even suggested that we turn my old Weber BBQ into a planter.  So the dirt is for those, so I’m OK with it, kinda…

Played Street Fighter 3DS and was pretty impressed with the visual depth of the 3Dness but it added zero to the gameplay and my biggest gripe was the Super Nintendo Street Fighter Syndrome.  The SNSFS is the fact that there are only 4 face buttons when the SF gameplay style nearly DEMANDS 6 face buttons.  On the other hand the online was smooth and finding a match was quicker than on the 360.  Overall I think that if the 3D is only frosting and not the core of the game designs then it’ll be a solid machine.  Also I didn’t get a headache but it did take a couple of minutes adjusting to…  and the viewing angle needs to be dead on on the X axis but you get quite a bit of leeway on the Y axis of things.

Time to get ready for the job now.  Still haven’t gotten to that last episode of Fringe Season 2 but I will soon.  Hope everybody has a nice weekend and I’ll post again soon I hope.

Viktors Art

Little Man likes his primary colors


Lara made some supernice manicotti a coupla days ago.  Leftover Italian goodies?  Da Bomb!  The kids have been good and helping me with the spring cleaning.  Huh, spring.  Sunshine and hail today.  Overnight in the low or sub 30’s.  It is April right?  My back sure hates weather like this.

ONE more episode of Fringe season 2 to go.  It’s weird but cool I hope it doesn’t fall off season 3 as bad as I’ve heard.  Next up I’m gonna sample Rome (HBO) and see if it’s worth persuing.  Took some Vidz of my kiddos playing Samurai Shodown 2 tonight, I’ll see what it’ll take to post it up here or Farcebook.  I’s a proud poppa!

Anyone who may be down with a First playthrough on Borderlands (360) level 25ish then I’ll be on with a friend Friday late and Saturday late too it looks like.  I’m gonna be playing a soldier and John’s a hunter.  If you need my GamerTag drop me a note!  Always good to catch up with bros while busting caps (Virtual Style).

There are a coupla sites I think are very interesting if you like video games and movies:  for some in depth and unique views on games. for one of the best film writers alive today (or yesterday and most likely tomorrow)!

Not much else tonight just throwing content against this here wallpaper.  ‘Til next time folks!