Feeling kinda sickly lately (phys) and greezy too.  Lotsa folks I know picked up MVC3 for the 360 and some good times were had but Capcom kinda hosed us on the online lobby mode.  The two people fighting get to see what they’re doing but everyone waiting their turn are treated to steamy, sticky and ,quite frankly, goddamn boring license card fighting.  Way to drop the ball!  Over a month later and still no fix.

If you bought MVC3 so we could play together I still wanna but I’m sorry if you feel gypped (sorry to all you gypsies out there {or nomads or whatever the PC term is}) for buying it.  On the upside I think everyone I know has Borderlands and that game is godly!

On to some other news.  Alora is doing spectacularly at school and is gonna start being phased more into the Gen Ed curriculum for 3rd grade.  She currently is doing better in many areas than a number of her typically developing schoolmates (apples to apples that is).  Happy times.  Viktor is doing well as well.  His favorite turn of phrase for the moment happens to be “I don’t know”.  You know what?  I’ll take it.

Work has been slowish lately and gas prices always put a ding in that kinda stuff anyway.  Kinda worried about this Nuclear Japan stuff and concerned about ‘drift’ across the Pacific.  Gonna keep an eye on that one.   Lara has been enjoying her volunteer work at Parent to Parent (a local first contact/resource coordination group for parents of children with special needs) and her position is steadily being elevated.  She had a nice visit when she vacationed in MI in February.  Course Munkynutz was unimpressed by his NONVISIT status.  But JDigi had to put up with her for a bit.  Glad she had time to catch up with her relatives and some old friends and such.

We got a date night and went to a local Italian place I’ve been wanting to go to for the better part of 2 years.  It was a nice little place.  As always when I visit a nonchain and locally owned eatery, I was a little jealous.  Hmmmm.  Went to the theater to see if we wanted to take in a movie.  Short answer no.  So we meandered up the road about a half hour and hit up a little place called Half Price Books.  If you don’t know you can google it (forgot how to link and it’s late) but we have ALWAYS loved that place.  So instead of spending fifty bux on a potentially stinky movie we spent the same amount on a week or two of reading material.  I got Lewis Black, Tom Brokaw and Eric Bischoff.  She got some stuff she likes and some twilight.  We both agree though…  No Ghost Fucking in the books’s!  I shit you not!  There is a PARANORMAL ROMANCE section!  So I repeat NO GHOST FUCKING!

Been arranging/rearranging my GfunGrage.  I’m not so much of a grease monkey and my wife got the spare room for crafting and storage so I got the garage.  I’ve been picking up things here and there gradually.  Got a hand me down big ass Sony Trini CRT TV and a bookshelf.  Changed the light fixture so it doesn’t feel like Buffalo Bill’s Playhouse (It puts the lotion on its skin. It puts the lotion in the basket)!  Got the Xbox and some Polk Audio HitMasters ( I don’t know if they are excellently executed or not ) some plastic drums and some real guitars and some plastic ones too!  It’s starting to shape up.  More importantly it gives me a place to play games, music, work on things and even post this right here (as long as I wear headphones that is)!

When lost finished up I pretty much quit watching TV.  Not being a snob just not much interesting on the thing (at least to me).  That being said I’m almost finished with Dexter S5 and getting WAY into Battlestar Gallactica and I promise to get caught up on Fringe (although I’ve heard that I may HATE season 3 when I get there).

Happy thing?  I have talked with Justin R., Jesse Y., Jeremiah J., Jeremiah D., Jason, John McC, and have seen that Chris B. is back.  This Xbox Live thing just ain’t no joke.  It’s like catching up while you kill/combat the world.  Loving it!

That’s it for now, hopefully more good news soon.  This post was brought to you by the word CHEESE and the number YEAH!


PS  Oh SHIT!!  I almost forgot!  THE NEO IS COMING ON FRIDAY!!!!  Samurai Shodown 2.  it is on…