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Where to start?

As I had mentioned previously here, there are number of super cool things on the immediate horizon for us as a family.

But previously… in my life.  Alora and Lara went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo with Alora’s class last week.  Pretty sure it’s the first field trip or class activity that Lara has participated in this year ( I got to do the GingerBread house project and the car wash as well ) the whole class had a blast and they came home super hype.  Alora spent her time running away from the sharks and feeding the goats.  Also tonight LOST is a rerun.  How the hell does that work?  Making up for it by watching me some Season 1 Fringe while I type this.  Getting good!

New in this episode at the Casa del Putnam!  MunkyNutz is coming to town!  Whoo0!  Haven’t seen my man Jess in person for around six years but he coming to the Great Northwest on work and is gonna spend a weekend with the fam and myself in May.  SuperHype Yeah Boi!  Here’s the kinda guy MN is…  he found out that Super Street Fighter 4 dropped today and he went to pick up a copy just so he could get spanked by yours truly.  Also I grokked that he was starting out in BorderLands tonight and I can’t wait to coop some of THAT with my man Nutz.  Well not like that you know!

Also in the immediate future, my mom is coming to visit us for a week or so at the end of June (right after school lets out).  She’ll be meeting her grandchildren in person for the first time and my wife too, come to think of it.  Lara’s already planning State Park days and a trip to the Pacific Ocean.  I’m sure there will be plenty to do.

The van is working out splendidly so far and isn’t too terrible on MPG (miles per gallon) so I’m happy so far.  Put my OLD ASS XPLOD stereo in it.  Gots me some tunes.

Also concerning musics.  I’m going to the ‘RockStar Metal Mayhem Festival’ at White River Ampitheater with a fella named Steve who is a Midwest transplant (such as myself).  He’s the nephew of an architect I know who was raised in Michigan and frequents TSRL (where I work).  Actually Corey (Steve’s uncle) helped design the Grand Traverse Mall!  Anyhow… KORN, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God and other metal goodies await my attendance!  Sweet!

Enough rambling for now just wanted put something out there…  Gamertag – UtraViolent N8 …  Super Street Fighter 4 ya’ll!


Schindler's Lift


Happy Friday Night!

BBQ fell through and I had to crisp up those tasty chicken and pigs myself.  Mesquite and flamage equal tasty dinners for the family!

Lots of cool stuff the last 2 weeks so I’ll just start with last weeks carwash that Alora and her classmates held to raise funds for a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.  I stopped by and paid $15 to get 3/5ths of my van washed (kind of) as well as joining in to wash cars for about an hour.  Oh yeah and get pictures, here are a few:

Alora earns a trip to the zoo

Along with her classmates!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of ME washing cars because noone else had brought any cameras.  The pictures I use for this blog are taken with my cell camera but I think they work to get the moment across and I also don’t have to worry wrecking a more expensive digital camera.

Also Peggy M. has gotten me hooked on:

Is this the NEW X-Files? We'll see...

I’m still in season One but it gives me something to watch between episodes of LOST this season.  MunkyNutz keeps going on about Leverage so maybe afterward I’ll check it out.  Super Street Fighter 4 comes out Tuesday that’ll be fun!

Later Gator.

Going to the BBQ tomorrow!

The family and I are doing really well. We are invited to a BBQ at Peggy M’s (I think the M is for Mariner!) so I don’t have to cook and get to watch a pro! I’m taking a six’er of her favorite beverage and a few pounds of meat. I think the kids are gonna have fun.

Just a quick one tonight as I have lotsa news and pics to post before the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by!

Long live the old school!

Not a lot to post tonight.  Our new downstair neighbors suck hard!  Big surprise!  2 days and Lara’s already looking for new abodes!

Listening to music tonight and cocktailing!  Have some humorous pictures for a future post but not quite yet…  Kids went back to school today and they were happy and we were happy.  Lara and I went to lunch and ran errands and conversed.  Kinda like real Human Beans!

Rollins Band just came up on my JukeBoxeZ!  Nice.  Today was Friday for me and I couldn’t be happier!  My normal cook went to opening day at Safeco Field today.  She’s a huge Mariners Head.  I think we’re going to a game in August (as a fam) this year.  Last year we went to a ball game on the HOTTEST DAY EVER in Washington state.  It was Awesome!

Tomorrow equals LOST!  Whooo.


Did a bunch of household things today and got my moms airline tickets taken care of for June.

Also I did some of the ol’ cooking:

Yesterday it was ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at Aloras insistence.  Trust me, they taste better than they sound…

A little food coloring and Viola!

Today I got to use some of my knives and made some good old homemade split pea soup:



Plus This...


Equals one hearty soup!

Amazing how putting some ham, peas, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, butter and salt and pepper in hot water can create a soup that even my daughter loves!

For Easter I made a holiday dinner consisting of a Scored and Clove Studded Ham with a balsemic dijon glaze, herb roasted red potatoes and a suprisingly good ‘Chablis stuffing’ (hey I didn’t have and chicken stock handy!).  Everyone loved it (even my dad) but I forgot to picturize it before it got gone!

P.S. Only three more days until school resumes. Fortune doth smile upon me.

The kids are on break…

It’s been lotsa fun and my van is hella cool, but the kids are on the ol’ Spring Break!  They are not old enough for Cancun or Daytona ( being only 7ish ) but they are having fun and so am I !   Here is the PlayDoh creation that I pounded out on a work day with Alora:

It's a Bass Guitar! Rock!

She was happy.  Had plenty of good times with both kiddos ‘Reading, painting, sculpting and explaining’ all day.

Still raining, so no new pics of the transpo but soon I  promise.

Good Night and Good Luck!


World Autism Awareness Day!

Today was World Autism Awareness Day.  If you didn’t know my 5 year old son, Viktor, is autistic.  He told me “I love you” for the first time today.  Most everyone has an autistic relative.  It is the most rapidly growing affliction in new humans that there is.  It’s prevailent and there is no ‘Patient Zero’.  It just is.

Haven’t gotten pics of my new Hooptie yet (raining and winding something fierce) but will soon.  Just thought you should see this… !

Seriously, as good as I was at the Nintendo and JJ and JM and JY and LM were either this is an eye opener.  Yeah, it might be a tool assisted run and obviously uses Save States and Emulation but even though…  If someone you knew could run through this like this you’d be trippin’ hard!

Check it out and maybe some mores.  L8